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Since 2014 our executives have leveraged their prior career experiences to Re-imagine Nations and to re-invent what development looks like in the context of this technological revolution. Our team of 40+ including engineers, subject matter experts, managers and administrators have completed major projects in US, Mexico, Philippines and India. As that work continues we welcome government partners as we focus efforts on getting education back on track from student personalization to teacher training and from digital to blended and occasional-connect across the entire education sector.

Our Platforms with APP and web deployment offer individual access for such national government initiatives as education, healthcare, and competency training.  We bring IGO, NGO and private sector, strategic partnerships with local entities to bridge resource gaps or to integrate existing efforts to provide efficiency, scale, security and accessibility. 

Our coordinated efforts in these countries includes a pathway toward creating "centers of innovation and excellence" for technology transfer and training - a roadmap for independence and growth.

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